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Who are we ?

Gavin MacDonell


Through the Looking Glass in May 2002,

After an eternity providing services for Sanctuary Cove and Staging Dimensions,

Gavin started this customer focussed prop hire, themeing company with experience, professionalism, creativity, and an innovative approach.

Gavin has worked in the event production and themeing industry nationally and internationally for two decades and has experience in all of its facets.


Through the looking Glass

is a proud to be 

Official Supplier

to the

Queensland Ballet


Our valued clients have included

Brisbane Festival

The department of the Queensland Premier,

Ideal Bride Wedding Expo

Suncorp Metway

The Brisbane Powerhouse Centre for Live Arts

B 105 FM

Juice 107.3


Alliance Francais



among many others and we love them all.

Some of Through the Looking Glass recent achievements:

Ideal brides Best Stand Palazzo Versace

For the third year running, Through the Looking Glass designs won 

1st  prize for the Hotel Grand Chancellor's Hotel entry in the River Festival’s Longest Dinner on the Melbourne St Bridge.

  • Through the Looking Glass, in conjunction with Paul Taylor, an eyewear specialist, developed a successful national visual display strategy.
  • Production, themeing, design and installation, for the Suncorp Metway Ball at the Riverside Centre, Brisbane.

Through the Looking Glass is a proud supporter of charity and not-for-profit organisations.  All NFP organisations receive a discount when booking with Through the Looking Glass.  Some organisations we have been proud to support are Act for Kids, Open Doors Youth Service, QLD Association for Healthy Communities and Brisbane Pride Festival.


When in comes to event themeing and support, Gavin MacDonell and his team at Through the Looking Glass have been my personal number one choice. Over the last 8 years I have called upon the team whilst at Suncorp and now at Restaurant & Catering Queensland due to their artistic brilliance and professionalism.

Given a tight budget to work with, Gavin and his team were able to provide us with a spectacular themed room for our National Restaurant & Catering Awards night at Coolum in 2004. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Gavin and his team in our future events.


Kathy Crameri
Membership Marketing Manager

Restaurant & Catering Queensland

After several years of working with Through the Looking Glass, it is always great to sit back and reflect on ones achievement.

Winning first place for “Riverfeast – Dinner on the Bridge” two times and runner up two times over a six year period along with winning first place for “Riverfeast – Table Decorating” two times comes as no mean feet.

With many years of creating different themes and atmosphere for corporate Christmas parties and conferences “Through the Looking Glass” has always produced a theme that keeps blowing people away when they walked into their room.

Guys I can only thank you for all of your creativity, personality and true support over these past seven years – you are one in a million!!

Mark Brown
Conventions & Special Events Manager
Oaks Chain of hotels

Workplace Health & Safety


Through the looking Glass complies with State and Federal Legislation in all aspects of business management.

Employee benefits are in accordance with current Federal Award requirements and Through the looking Glass supplies a professional and experienced installation team.

We carry current workers compensation insurance and public liability insurance to the value of $20million.


We considers Workplace Health & Safety an integral part of our business as we endeavour to provide our employees and our customers with a safe and healthy environment.


Managers and supervisors are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment. This includes ensuring that safe work practices are in place and observed together with the provision of information, instruction, training and supervision as necessary to ensure the health and safety of employees.

Project Managers working off site are to undertake risk assessment and implementation of work method statements in conjunction with site manager.

All staff are responsible for observing safe work practices, using safety equipment, notifying managers of any potential hazards and working in such a way that limits the risk of injury to themselves, contractors and customers. The success of this policy depends upon ongoing participation, co-operation and commitment of all employees to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.


All staff are trained in Through the looking Glass Health & Safety Procedures. Specific areas covered include:

  • Manual Tasks : load handling , work posture , PPE – when painting , prop building, working externally
  • Hazardous Substances : use and safe storage of
  • Machinery & Equipment : correct use of hand tools, drills, ladders, portable scaffold
  • Workplace Environment : general housekeeping, evacuation/emergency procedures, smoking policy and excessive noise procedures.

Where required further training is undertaken such as extinguisher training, elevated platform ticket and first aid training.

Through the looking Glass ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY

At Through the looking Glass we believe that we have a responsibility to be aware of current and future environmental concerns and to that end, we are committed to continually learn new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle our resources and vow to share these discoveries with our community.

Through the looking Glass is committed to an eco-friendly and sustainable future and have implemented procedures to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • We are committed to using recycled supplies, sourcing environmentally sustainable products and minimising energy consumption.
  • We have a commitment to utilising environmentally sustainable products in our prop building and design.
  • All off-cuts from prop manufacture are kept and utilised in future projects or given to a recycling specialist.
  • If  possible we strive to use local products and services.
  • In our studio we maximise natural light during office hours and always turn lights off when office/studio/warehouse is not in use.
  • We have installed a shower and change rooms in our warehouse to encourage staff to walk or ride a bike or work.
  • We participate in an Ink cartridge recycling program.
  • Utilise recycle bins at our studio and warehouse
  • We consider ourselves water wise and minimise our water consumption wherever possible.


Prior to commencement on site We will identify any risks associated with the scope of works and implement risk control plans to minimise, eliminate risks associated with the project. All findings will be communicated with the individual site managers.

When implementing the work method statement consideration will be given to environmental impact. Workplace health and safety standards are a pre requisite when formulating the risk control plans.

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